ATTENTION, TEAM SPONSORS REQUIRED:  All teams are required to have a Team Sponsor for their team.  The Team Sponsorship is $240.  This is required in order for teams to receive their NFL jerseys and shorts provided by the league.  Team sponsorships will be due prior to the first games in September.

Registrations for the Pocatello Spring 2019 Season begins October 12, 2018 ($95) and run through February 28, 2019.


NOTE: All players must agree to our official registration terms and conditions in order to play in the league.
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Enter your name if you want to be a head coach.
Used to create the coach's account (if one does not already exist.)
Used to contact coaches in case of emergency.
List friends you would like to play with:
Grades 1 - 6 are split into two Divisions. Please select either Competitive or Recreation Division. Recreation is standard league play. Competitive is our more advanced division for advanced teams/coaches/players.
Official terms & conditions available for download by clicking here.